In the modern tech landscape, virtualization can be a somewhat broad catch-all, as numerous physical functions are constantly being adapted to virtualized versions in the pursuit of a more agile digital world. In the context of IT, there are several overarching areas where virtualization is taking hold and changing the game, as a host of vendors seek to stake their own claim in what is a bustling market.

Network Virtualization

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is one method of virtualization that combines the available resources within a network by dividing the available network bandwidth into channels. Each of these channels is independent form the other and can be assigned to a particular server or device in real time. The logic behind NFV is that the network becomes more manageable when it is separated into different parts, ultimately hiding the true complexity of the network.

Storage Virtualization

Most commonly found in storage area networks, storage virtualization pools physical storage that once lived in multiple digital containers into a single device, easing data management since it can all be controlled from a single central control.

Data Virtualization

The goal of data virtualization is to break apart the different elements of a traditional data set – geolocation tags, for instance – and present them in a broadly-accessible fashion that allows analysts to zoom in on the pieces of data that are most pertinent to their immediate business needs.

Application Virtualization

This entails the enablement of different applications to function regardless of platform. Basically, the application layer is separated from the operating system, allowing it to run independent of that OS in an encapsulated form that can function just as well on a different platform.

How We Help

Virtualization in all of its forms are following the trend of utility computing that is prevalent throughout the IT landscape. Along with helping to automate IT functions, virtualization allows customers to view computer processing power more as a utility that they can pay for on an as-needed basis. As a result, there are many players within the space looking to capitalize on the many as-a-service products virtualization can deliver.

Our team of virtualization PR pros has seen the landscape change over the past decade-plus, keeping our clients’ names at the fore, even while the major players in the space shift on a nearly constant basis. Wherever your business falls in the spectrum, you’ll need robust virtualization public relations experts at the ready to plan your brand’s next move while being ready for any surprises that may come your way.

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