Cyber security – also commonly referred to as information technology security – entails protecting computers, networks, programs and data from access, change or destruction by unauthorized outside parties. With more and more business functions taking on a digital component – and network functions virtualization accelerating at a breakneck pace – protecting our digital worlds is more important now than ever. At the same time, however, the number of IT security threats has never been higher, and will only continue to grow as more businesses turn to the cloud while individuals increasingly live their lives from behind smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

The veracity and scale of threats to our digital lives runs the gamut, from massive ransomware attacks that can hold government networks hostage to malware that can steal the personal identification information off a person’s laptop – and by proxy their identity. Luckily, a growing number of businesses are stepping up to fight these burgeoning threats to IT security, from cloud security providers to businesses that assure access to private networks.

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Our team of cyber security public relations pros have read the headlines and witnessed the struggle to assure IT systems and networks first hand in their years of partnering with premier IT security businesses. Although digital security threats are truly unpredictable, we’ve proven to our partners that we have the foresight to bring cyber security brands’ stories to the demographics and verticals that need them most.

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