Marketing Technologies (Martech)

Marketing technologies, or Martech, help marketers make data-driven decisions that drive and dictate the effectiveness of their various campaigns. Along with enabling more personalized customer interactions, tools like analytics programs, sales automation software and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions make it possible for marketers to automate tasks and measure the effectiveness of their outreach.

Because there is so much data available for marketers to pull from in the digital age, there are a wealth of Martech tools in this space competing for the attention of potential business customers. No enterprise can succeed today without solutions that can streamline operations and assure the outcomes of marketing efforts. But, with the arena for these tools becoming increasingly crowded, it’s easy for some Martech solutions to get lost among the noise.

Convergence of Adtech and Martech

What’s making it even more difficult for Martech brands to stand out is the convergence of marketing and advertising technologies (Adtech) in the digital world. The overlap in approaches to both attract and retain customers has only grown with each passing year, and solutions that may have only applied to a particular industry or sector may now be competing against advertising tools that double-down on particular analytical or automation capabilities.

Whether your product delivers advanced web analytics or programmatic advertising, March Communications can bring your message to the fore and define what sets you apart from the crowd. We’ve helped Martech brands steer their public relations for more than a decade, keeping pace with this fast-expanding industry and the tools brands need to stay competitive within it.

How We Help

Our team of seasoned Martech PR professionals know this industry front and back, having been playing a hand in its rapid evolution over the past several years. We understand that just as marketing technologies need to adapt at a fast pace to stay competitive, so too must their strategies for brand awareness. From tailoring targeted messages to reach an ideal demographic through content strategy, to leveraging our prowess for staying at the leading edge of news within the Martech public relations space, March is the perfect partner for any Martech enterprise.

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