Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often characterized as the new frontier for not just personal or consumer technology, but also how commerce, healthcare and industry will function in the future. That’s quite the heavy burden for one catch-all categorization to bear, but at its heart, IoT encompasses technologies that leverage connectivity to communicate with each other wirelessly to help streamline everyday experiences.

As a result, there is a wealth of stakeholders at play throughout the IoT value chain, from the chipset and semiconductor manufacturers enabling connectivity and power management, to the virtual reality and augmented reality teams developing products that revolutionize the way businesses sell. Finding how to tell their story is where we come in.

Industrial IoT

In an industrial setting, Internet of Things devices can be used to help automate functions on the factory floor. This is intended to not just improve productivity, but to create safe and reactive environments for workers in all fields. Heat sensors, for instance, can communicate with power switches or sprinkler systems via beacons and sensors to power down machinery that’s on the verge of malfunctioning. At the same time, motion detectors can keep tabs on both human and material assets as the traverse the factory floor. And by collecting and analyzing all of the information from IoT sensors in the cloud, managers can keep tabs on their operations to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Commercial IoT

Internet of Things applications can also help change the way consumers shop. Refrigerators and cabinets, for instance, can communicate data regarding what items are running low or need replacement with both the user and their local supermarket, or even the ecommerce outfit the consumer uses to keep their kitchen stocked.

Healthcare IoT

Internet of Things benefits go far deeper than just affecting how we live, as they will eventually help keep us alive. Healthcare IoT in the form of wearables and other devices represents one of the most exciting and meaningful areas where data can make a difference, as wireless devices can communicate what’s going on within our bodies to medical professionals and the tools they can use to help.

IoT Security

Data protection is always a top concern, especially as security protocols are constantly put to the test in an increasingly connected world. Companies who want to have their brand leading the conversation need to work with PR teams that have established relationships with the top-tier press and analysts in the field of IoT tech, which March Communications can provide.

How We Help

Our skilled team of IoT public relations and communications professionals are in step with the latest changes in the IoT and connectivity realm. Leveraging our own IoT PR prowess and an understanding of the unique needs of the many different types of businesses in this diverse sector, we deliver all of the support a company in this space expects of IoT public relations experts. Whether a client is a fledgling startup or an established entity, we stay connected to the stories that are important to them to ensure that our IoT communications put them at the forefront of the conversations they want to be a part of.

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