Cloud & Data

Businesses are collecting, analyzing and leveraging data in more ways than ever before. As a result, the number of data storage, security and analysis solutions on the market has exploded, with companies offering cloud and data services, tools and applications needing PR and communications programs to work ever harder to get their voices heard in an increasingly crowded market.

Our experience in helping big data companies and data center operations on one end of the spectrum, and smaller cloud storage, private cloud and cloud app developers on the other gives us a unique perspective of the different opportunities that exist in the market. Whether organizations are looking to target major enterprise cloud customers to expand their cloud infrastructure, or are offering personal, private data storage solutions to consumers, we know where these buyers exist and how to reach them.

Data & Cloud Security: A New Frontier

With cloud security and storage becoming an increasingly prescient topic in the news as data storage solutions are constantly put to the test, businesses in this sector can’t afford to miss out on PR and communications opportunities to establish their brands as thought leaders in the field – especially among valuable, top-tier press.

How We Help

We’ve built up significant credibility around the March Communications brand that we pass on to our clients when representing them in front of top-tier press and analysts in the world of cloud, data and big data. We find the stories that our brands can speak too – and that prospects want to hear – and make sure their perspective comes to the fore thanks to our engaged and knowledgeable team of tech PR enthusiasts.

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