Our clients are a diverse lot of technology innovators, category disruptors, and market leaders from around the world.


We have built an impressive catalog of expertise across business critical sectors and high growth categories, including security, enterprise, infrastructure, telco, semiconductor, cloud, IoT,  AI, marketing technology, health tech, robotics, VR/AR, retail, leisure, entertainment, among others.

Case Studies


“March has demonstrated a keen understanding for how we want to educate businesses on total email risk management. The agency’s strategic approach is helping us ensure a more integrated marketing and communications function, to effectively raise this awareness. We’ve been impressed with March’s ability to develop fresh content story lines and pitch angles, to maintain consistent messages in the media and visibility among our target influencers. We see March as a true partner, and it’s clear that they are just as invested in our success as a company through their proactivity and in the way they lead each initiative with our core objectives in mind.”
Kristen Webb, Communications Manager, Mimecast
“As a journalist, I have a love-hate relationship with PR. When PR knows how to meet my needs as a journalist, they are extremely helpful. When they don’t know what they’re doing and just broadcast at me, they make my job a heck of a lot harder. March PR goes beyond helpful to invaluable. They take the time to learn about my needs as a journalist, and they respond with on-target,knowledgeable sources time and time again. If every PR firm fit the March PR mold, you’d never hear the press complain about PR again.”
Jeff Vance, Journalist, Sandstorm Media
“I’ve worked with March since 2009 and have since, among other businesses, enlisted the agency to launch two UK-based startups in the U.S. as well as a publicly listed company. Doing this well requires a sound understanding of both the UK and U.S. markets — a perspective that’s rare to find in a boutique agency. Thanks to the March team, each commercial launch has been very successful. March is a credit to its sector and in my opinion unmatched in the tech sector.”
Ali Moinuddin, Chief Marketing Officer, Workshare
“March stands out as one of the few tech PR firms I’ve worked with that has a truly comprehensive approach to their services.  They take the time to understand their client’s markets and needs, do their homework, engage with effectiveness, and also cross-train their team so you’re not depending on just one single talented pro.”
Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
“March Communications has helped Opsview raise the bar in terms of our premium content output, which has played an important role in our lead generation efforts. We’ve been impressed with the agency, both in terms of the quality of the material created and the guidance on paid and social channels—our team values March’s input to help us optimize our marketing campaigns.”
Jim Malone, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Opsview
When March Communications approaches me for a vendor briefing, I know that the company will be interesting, well-aligned to my research, and prepared for the tough questions that we like to ask as industry analysts. It’s been a pleasure to work with March Communications over the past several years in covering enterprise technology and I look forward to meeting additional March clients in the future.
Hyoun Park, Client Research Officer, Blue Hill Research
March understood our company right from the beginning, which is hard to do. I feel it’s my job to find something that’s not right with the program and your performance, but it’s a struggle. You’ve exceeded our expectations.
Debbie Mayhew, PR and Communications Director, Cambridge Consultants
When I joined Comptel, a global organization with headquarters in Helsinki, I was keen on bringing in a more local agency to support our PR and marketing needs. But March quickly demonstrated its value and quickly won me over through the sheer quality of its work. March’s intelligent approach and persistent proactivity, combined with its influencer network reach, content creation skills and industry expertise, has made the agency a truly valued and collaborative partner to Comptel’s marketing and executive teams.
Ari Vänttinen, CMO, Comptel
Working with March Communications has been an awesome experience. From the beginning, they have sought to not just partner with us, but to become an extension of our team. The results from a PR perspective have been amazing, but working with a team as dedicated and inspired as March has been not only refreshing, but inspiring.
Chad Jones, CSO, Deep
We’ve been very impressed not only with the quality of the content we receive from March, but also with their eagerness and expertise in re-directing our content strategy. Their team has worked alongside ours to ensure the content matches our desired tone, serves our audience and reaffirms Pitney Bowes’ position as a leader in our industry. We’re excited to move forward with March as our single content agency of record as we continue to shape and define the Pitney Bowes brand.
Jason Bartlett, Vice President of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Pitney Bowes
We’ve worked with March since early 2014 and have been extremely impressed with their proactivity, creative ideas and results-driven attitude. The team constantly drives campaigns and opportunities without our prodding, and ensures we’re maximizing our efforts among the right influencers and channels. March feels like a true extension of our team here at Push.
Danielle Cook, Marketing Director, Push Technology
As a true novice in the field of Public Relations, we were looking for an engaging and strategic partner to assist us in running a comprehensive, fact-based PR engine. We truly felt as though March was an extension of our team and our partnership was mutually committed and beneficial.

March has also been an invaluable partner in supporting our four large scale annual conferences. March developed a strategic and comprehensive plan to support all aspects of content, from recruiting press and media to supporting media relations at the event to interviewing key clients, key sponsors and delegates.

Ashlyn Westling, Director of Communications, SiriusDecisions
March has been a valued partner of TM Forum since 2008. The agency and its talented staff knows the ins and outs of the digital and telecommunications industry, and has also proven adept at rapidly picking up emerging technologies and key business drivers in adjacent industries. Whether it’s engaging press and analysts around our conferences, or elevating our brand and awareness around issues such as SDN/NFV, smart cities or 5G, March consistently deliver results across the English-speaking world and oftentimes beyond.
Steve Bonadio, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, TM Forum
March is an amazing partner. The work and resulting coverage they secure for us has been incredible. I continue to be so impressed with the team there – they not only get what we do and have been awesome at talking about it and positioning it, but they combine that strategic thinking with great attention to detail, responsiveness and organization. We love working with them!
Rana el Kaliouby, PhD, CEO and Co-founder, Affectiva
What impresses me the most is that March ‘gets it’ – they understand the product, the audience and your need for results. hey work hard to build the right team and they are all in. Awareness of male infertility and the possibility to test at home is quite low. March faced the challenge of developing a market segment for us head-on. In our case, the brand story that they created was one couples could identify with and reached the correct consumer. heir persistent, targeted approach to media outreach led to increased traffic to our site and increased consumer awareness and sales.”
Marcia Deutsch, CEO, Medical Electronic Systems (YO Sperm Test)