Our Approach

From Tech Innovation to Business Impact.

March delivers creative and smart strategic communication campaigns so that our clients can achieve their business and marketing goals.

We create holistic campaigns that map to our clients’ growth goals and activate them across channels, creating narratives that sing, experiences that grab attention, content that engages and media results that compel people to sit up and take notice.

Like we said, impact.

Research & Insights

Strategy informed by data & insights and driven by business, brand and communication goals delivers targeted campaigns hyper-focused on the people who are more likely to take action, ensuring predictable outcomes and measurable impact.

Influencers and Media

Leverage data and analytics to identify individuals who have the most influence with target audiences.  Create collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers most likely to drive the desired outcome.

Content Strategy and Creation

Dedicated internal team of content strategists tapping into insights to fuel dynamic, engaging, targeting content programs that resonate.  Regardless of content type– informational, educational,  entertaining– or platform – we take storytelling to a whole new level – always on brand, always relevant, always driving brands to foster deeper and more valuable and sustained connection and loyalty.