Consumer Innovation

We believe in disruptive ideas, challenger brands and ascending companies.  Large or small, new or established, local or global. They’re all good. Companies that are reinventing the way we discover, buy, and experience goods and services… that’s our jam.

Our consumer insights-first approach means that our work is as customized as your offer.  There are no cookie-cutter programs at March.  We use insights to inform every step we take, from crafting brand platforms and narratives and developing holistic content strategies to building influencer marketing and media engagement programs that get brands noticed.

At the end of the day, our campaigns work to get attention, inform, educate or entertain our customers, and then motivate them to take the action we want – click, vote, swipe, download, buy.

Our programs aren’t designed to be all things, to all people, all the time, and neither is our expertise.

Our Consumer Innovation experience is concentrated in four specific areas:

  • Ecommerce and Digital Lifestyle: In the last five years, everything from buying eyeglasses or renovating your home, to hailing a ride to the airport, and finding the love of your life has been transformed. We absolutely live for that. If you’re a company flipping a traditional model, we want to talk. Check out the work the team has done for disruptors eHarmony and Travelling Spoon.
  • Consumer Technology: We’re a crew of early adopters who are usually first in line for the latest and greatest devices, gadgets or piece of kit that we are positive is going to make our lives faster, better, easier or just more fun.  Hell, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in consumer tech – Sony, Samsung, eInk anyone?  But we’ve also helped some companies in the category get up and running, like Fasetto.  Clearly, we’ve got this.
  • Retail & Apparel – Have we mentioned that we buy loads of stuff?  But, that’s not what makes us extreme experts in this dynamic, what’s up is down and what’s down is up category.  It’s our work with clients like New Balance, LYCRA Fiber, Avery Dennison, Catalina, ThirdChannel, TrueFit and Marxent to name just a few.
  • Health Technology & Wellness – From nutrition and fitness to fertility and mental health, we’re inspired by products that help people own their wellness destiny. And with major consumer healthcare brands like P&G, Novartis, Bayer, and Medical Electronic Systems under our belts, we get this space like no one else’s business

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